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  Domain Hits % Bytes % Sessions Visitors Pages Total Time Errors
380,648    100.0%
0    0%
26,356 5,830 68,405 1581:11:30 29,031
5    <1%
0    0%
2 1 4 01:00 0
190,326    50.0%
0    0%
13,179 2,915 34,204 03:35 14,515
2 Totals
380,653    100%
0    0%
26,358 5,831 68,409 1581:12:30 29,031
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Help Card: Domains
Report Overview This report identifies the key domain names visiting your site, based on their
second-level domain suffixes (such as,, etc).

Knowing where large groups of visitors originate may help to tailor your site content and/or structure to better serve these majorities. If visitors from particular domains are of interest to your organization, yet only represent a small amount of overall traffic, it may highlight a need to more effectively advertize and promote your site to these domains.

Note: All machines on the Internet have a unique IP address ( associated with them. Several machines also have named addresses ( against their IP addresses for ease of use. Many machines do NOT have a name associated with them, and these display as [UNRESOLVED IP] in this report.

If the only entry in this report is [UNRESOLVED IP], then you need to switch on DNS Lookups, in Settings > Analysis > Network > DNS.

Graph Description Vertical axis: Domain.
Second-level domain suffix.

Horizontal axis: Hits (default sorting).
Changing the sorting options in Settings > Statistics will alter the horizontal axis to the new sort method. This report can be sorted/graphed by hits, bytes, sessions, visitors, pages and errors.

Red lines (if present):
HTTP errors (Page not found, server error, etc)

Table Description Domain:
Suffix of the domain that generated traffic on your site.

Hits (%):
Number of hits by all visitors from the corresponding domain. (Percentage of hits from each domain as a proportion of the total hits.)

Bytes (%):
Raw bytes transferred to visitors from each domain. (Percentage of bytes transferred to each domain as a proportion of the total number of bytes transferred.)

Number of sessions on your web site by visitors from the corresponding domain.

Unique visitors to your web site from the coresponding domain. If a visitor returns to your site more than once during the reporting period, it is not counted in this figure.

Pages viewed by visitors from the corresponding domain.

Total Time:
Total time spent online by all visitors from the corresponding domain.

Errors generated by visitors from the corresponding domain.
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